Who is George Monbiot?


George Monbiot is a world renowned journalist and author, most notably known for his environmental and political writing. Since 1996 he has been a columnist for the British newspaper The Guardian.

Monbiot has covered climate change extensively, and is one of the globe's leading journalists investigating the climate denial movement. He famously engaged with climate skeptic Ian Plimer in a debate about human-induced global warming.

His 2006 book, Heat: How to Stop the Planet Burning highlights the concentrated, highly organized, lavishly funded public relations campaign to cloud climate science. Exposing the "network of fake grassroots campaigns and bogus scientific bodies," Monbiot shows the same characters involved in discrediting the science linking cancer to cigarettes are casting doubt about climate science.

The book also asserts 90% reductions in greenhouse gas emissions is required to prevent serious change to the climate. Monbiot goes on to offer solutions for achieving this.

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